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Weird Driving Laws You Won't Believe Are Real!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Weird Driving Laws You Won't Believe Are Real!

If you plan to cruise across the country, check out these bizarre driving laws which are still on the books in these states. You never know what type of oddball penalty you might incur from the strange side of the street! And as you know, even a minor infraction can jack up your car insurance rates. Some of these are just too insane to abide by, but many might still be enforced. And the rest are just plain hilarious. Are these the dumbest driving laws ever?


No driving blindfolded! Err...good?

You're allowed to drive against traffic if you have a lantern in your vehicle


It's strictly forbidden for moose to fornicate on the city streets of Alaska


It's against the law to drive a car in reverse on a public road


Don't shackle your dog to your car roof If you want to pick up dinner don’t honk your horn if dining out after 9pm


Avoid Taco Tuesday in Hermosa Beach; it's illegal to spill a margarita on any street

It's illegal for a woman to wear a housecoat while driving in the Golden State

You can't shoot wildlife from a moving car. With the exception of whales. Sorry Shamu!

In Eureka, sleeping in the road will get you upgraded to sleeping in a cell

In Glendale it's banned to jump from a car moving more than 65 mph


Own a black car? Avoid Denver on a Sunday or you'll be in trouble


Unlike California, it's illegal to shoot whales from your car!

Don't cross the street while doing a handstand in Hartford


Changing clothes inside your vehicle is prohibited


If you park your elephant on a main road, you still have to pay the meter


In Quitman there is a zero tolerance policy on jaywalking poultry

No spitting from a car or bus! But if you're in a truck it's a-okay!


If you are in motion, don't use your hazard lights


If you're over 88 and living in Idaho Falls, forget about driving a motorcycle


You might have problems driving without a steering wheel in any state, but Illinois forbids it!


You can't sell a car on Sunday


Totally illegal to throw a Red Ryder into the road


Don't screech your tires in Kansas, or you’ll end up in the slammer

Topeka forbids the transportation of dead poultry


Keep your dog on a tight leash - if your dog molests a vehicle, it’s a crime!


Bad luck driving, single ladies! In order to drive a man must hold a red flag in front of your vehicle and guide you forward


If you park in front of a Dunkin Donuts, you'll be taking a dunk in the big house


No dirty mouths allowed in Rockville! Swearing from your vehicle is a misdemeanor!


Sorry King Kong, it's the bus for you. A gorilla is an illegal passenger

Forget about owning a monster truck! Bromobiles are strictly forbidden

If you're a taxi driver, you are strictly forbidden from making love in the front of your vehicle


law enforcement will give you a ticket if you're reading a newspaper in the middle of the street


It's illegal to cross state lines with a duck or chicken on your head. Information regarding pigeons, cockatoos, or other avian headwear is currently unavailable


Don't honk your horn near horses


Don't honk the horn of someone else’s car


An unattended sheep in a truck is a criminal offense


There is a law about driving on mountain roads. We don't need to share the law, because there are no mountains in Nebraska!


Putting a sofa or chair in the middle of the road is strictly forbidden

It's forbidden to ride a camel down the road

New Hampshire

It's illegal to get high off bus fumes

New Jersey

Don't mean mug a police officer in New Jersey! It’s illegal to frown at a cop

Hanging dice or an air freshener from your rear view mirror is a crime

If you've been convicted of a DUI you may not have personalized plates

New Mexico

Taxi drivers are forbidden from dragging people into their cabs

New York

Don't get nekkid in your car if you’re in Sag Harbor

When driving through Redlands, make sure a man holding a lantern is guiding your passage forward, otherwise you could end up with a ticket

North Carolina

Driving on the sidewalk is illegal

North Dakota

Don't run out of quarters in North Dakota when looking to park your car - using pennies in parking meters is illegal


It's a no no for rollerskates to share the road with cars Fill up at the pump in Youngstown - it's illegal to run out of gas!


Don't read a comic book while driving! It’s forbidden. The law is opaque about other literature


When driving on the sidewalk make sure you yield to pedestrians

You can be ticketed in Oregon if officers decide you left your car door open for too long

You're banned from pumping your own gas.


If you're driving in Pennsylvania after dark, you are required to stop every mile and set off a rocket. This to ensure that there's no livestock in your path

Rhode Island

Keep your brewsky open! It's illegal to drive with an...unopened beer? What?

South Carolina

In Hilton Head, South Carolina, it's illegal to store trash in your car

South Dakota

Children aged 14 and over are allowed to drive


Again, single ladies can forget about driving without a man waving a flag ahead of them


To register a car in Texas, you must have windshield wipers. The windshield is optional


Some birds have the right of way in Utah


Billboards are illegal


You must honk your horn while passing other drivers


Riding an ugly horse is illegal in Washington


Livestock always have the right-of-way


It's against the law to not shut a gate behind your vehicle

Could you really get a ticket for these dumb offences? It’s debatable how enforceable some of these traffic laws are, but technically you could still get a ticket for these infractions. Be aware of these crazy rules, and drive safely!